Real Stories of Depression

What is Portraits in Blue?

Portraits in Blue is a social research project that aims to capture the stories of people experiencing depression, their friends and families and those who provide support services to them.

Unlike much other research, Portraits in Blue is all about collecting peoples’ stories of depression and identifying common themes. Those of us working on the project believe that there is a lot of wisdom in the day-to-day stories of people experiencing depression, and Portraits in Blue aims to better understand and share those stories and their wisdom.

The results of the project will be used to provide policy advice to government, to advocate for better ways of understanding depression, and to influence the popular portrayal of depression.

What to do now?

We are using three questionnaires – one for people depression, another for familiies and friends and a third for people supporting those with depression.

These questionnaires aim to capture the diversity of meanings that people have when they say that they or somebody else is depressed; identifying the unhelpful and unconstructive meanings and highlighting the positive and helpful meanings. Each questionnaire should take about fifteen minutes to complete and no personal identifying information will be collected.

Who’s funding this?

The project is totally pro bono, that is, those of us working on it fund it. There are no government grants or funding from pharmaceutical bodies or professional associations.

Help us out by selecting the appropriate place to tell your story:


Please go to the Contribute A Story Page. It is there you will find links where you can contribute a story or narrative to help with this important project.