Who are we

Viv Read

imgViv has over 30 years experience as a consultant and manager in organisational strategy, change management, industrial relations, leadership development, and action learning.   She has co facilitated 4 Cognitive Edge accreditation programs, in Australia and South East Asia.   She is currently involved in projects using the Cognitive Edge tools and processes in Australia and Singapore.

Michael Lockwood

imgMichael has worked in executive roles within state and local government before establishing his own consulting business, Michael Lockwood Consulting. Michael is accredited in using the Cognitive Edge tools and processes, and comes to the Portraits in Blue project as someone who experiences a major melancholic depressive disorder.

Alison Ferrier

imgAlison Ferrier is a Freudian Lacanian Kleinian Winnicottian, a painter, a mental health patient, a proustian peripatetic devotee of irrational miraculous spontaneity of the beloved universe, pantheistic co-creator of beauty, unequivocal advocate of eccentricity and keeper of cats.

Valerie Shaw

imgValerie Shaw is a retired farmer and secondary school teacher, who has battled severe depression for many years.

Bob Dick

imgBob is an independent scholar, an occasional academic, and a consultant and facilitator mostly in the areas of community and organisational change.  In much of his work he uses action learning and action research to help communities, organisations and people (including himself) improve their practice and enjoyment.

Peter Walsh

imgPeter is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Human Services and Social Work at Griffith University.  He has over 25 years of experience working in both government and non-government agencies in service delivery, policy and research roles.

Chris Fletcher

imgChris is a co-founder of Emerging Options. Prior to starting Emerging Options, Chris was the Asia Pacific Director for Knowledgement Management at Deloitte. He has over 20 years experience working in Marketing, Business Development, Strategy and Knowledge Management – predominantly in the professional services sector. His current focus is on using Cognitive Edge tools and processes to help organisations and groups understand complex issues, connect people and develop networks.

Laurel Sutton

imgLaurel is an independent consultant ( Creative Cognicion) focussing on the areas of narrative research, continuous improvement, leadership development and organizational and  personal change. She has a background in mental health as an Occupational Therapist, and over 20 years senior management experience in health services and with Victoria Police in leadership development and cultural change. Laurel is an accredited and experienced Cognitive Edge practitioner.


Angela Ballard

imgAngela is a consultant, facilitator and action researcher whose abiding curiosity in human behaviour and what facilitates effective change in people and systems (including organisations) has animated 25 + years of work/life across academia and continents, community, business and public sectors and in the spaces in between. She is an accredited Cognitive Edge practitioner and consults to the community/housing sectors (Atmosphere Consulting  www.atmosphere-consulting.com.au.)

Jonathann Reinders

imgJonathan is a Brisbane based psychiatrist who works with people to find connections between their social context, the personal meaning of their distressing experiences and their resiliency. This project will explore some of these connections.

David Green

imgDavid is a Perth based Information Technology ‘generalist’ with an interest in the evolving nature of technology in society. He is experienced using Cognitive Edge  narrative methods and tools.